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Stanzgitter Square mesh according form E

Application: For the screening of materials with large and medium granularities.

Special feature: The screen is smoothly pressed on one side. There is therefore no abrasion of delicate sieved materials.

Material: Extra tough, wear resistant, cast steel wire with a manganese content. Load compression 90-110 kg/mm2.

Production range: 7-12 mm wire diameter.
Harfengewebe einfach Harp screen, on one side smooth

Application: e.g. dehydration, sand and gravel screening.

Special feature: smooth longitudinal and cross wire layers.

Press-Schweissgitter Slot press welded wire mesh

Application: Drainage, sludge removal and dry c.

Special feature: Smooth top screening surface with very good drainage properties
Harfe B Harp screen type B

Application: For the screening of sand, gravel, coal, ore, stone chippings, etc.

Special feature: self-cleaning through horizontally crimped longitudinal wires.

Harfe G Harp screen type G

Application: Dry-and wet screening - processing of furnace waste - in the chemical industry: suitable for screening machines with a high oscillation rate.

Special feature: large open sieve surface because it only lies on the cross braces.
Harfengewebe Harp screen

Application: For the screening of round, pellet-type and wet supplied materials, such as, e.g. gravel, stones, sand etc.

Special feature: self-cleaning with vertically crimped longitudinal wires.

Material: Spring steel/chromenickelsteel.
Langmaschengewebe Long Mesh

Application: For the screening of sand, gravel, salt, ore, hard rock, etc.

Special feature: No blockage even when the screened material is wet.
Press-Schweissgitter Form Pressure welded screen form F

Application: Screening of medium sized and large sized granularities, with increased load.

Special feature: Increased screening action since there is absolutely no build up of oversized granular material. The woven mesh has a long life.

Material: Manganese alloy special steel.
Quadrathmaschengitter Square mesh form A

Application: Precise screening action with slightly differing granularities.

Material: High value special wire.
Stangenrost Bar sizer

Application: Sharp screening with close grain limits.

Special feature: High-quality special wire.

Material: Spring steelchromenickelsteels.
Hook type A Hook type A

Parallel, raised clip-on support, can be side mounted: angle of side unit opening 10-20°, radius 4 mm; production range up to and including 12,5 mm wire diameter
Hook type A1 Hook type A1

30° angle of opening, length of side unit: 30 mm, can be longitudinally or side mounted: radius 6 mm; production range up to and including 12,5 mm wire diameter.
Hook type A4 Hook type A4

Clip-on support consisting of 5 mm thick sheet steel. Telectrical welding or is welded from below.

Production range from 7-20 mm wire diameter.
Hook type A5 Hook type A5

The clip-on support can be bent upwards or downwards: production range up to a maximum of 16 mm wire diameter.
Hook type A7 Hook type A7

Flange for fine-meshed, thin-wired (up to a maximum diameter of 1.0 mm) mesh sreens. Flange opening according to specification.